Touring November 2019

ENTER THE DRAGONS is a hilarious award-winning theatre show written and performed by Abigail Dooley and Emma Edwards.
Directed by Toby Park and Will Kerley. Designed by Lucy Bradridge. The show takes a frank, funny and fearless look at the subject of female ageing, examining the concerns and societal pressures that surround women as they pass fifty...


“They marry hilarity and sincerity with such remarkable precision,
it had the audience in both fits of laughter and heartfelt tears”



The show reclaims the archetypal Hero’s Journey and reframes it from the perspective of the mature woman. Banished from the land of the young, and beset by challenges, riddles and obstacles, our Protagonist must navigate this weird landscape, guided by mystical creatures and Seers who have gone before. Expect fantastical characters, ridiculous puppetry, extreme wigs, physical comedy and delightfully dark humour. Sixty minutes of laugh-out-loud joy, dissent and touching humility for anyone who is considering ageing...


What the papers say:

“Abigail Dooley and Emma Edwards are a brilliant comedy coupling: the writing is sharp
as a witch’s nose, the performance as sparkly as Cinderella’s silver slippers.”


“Both performers joyously play and are excellently responsive to their packed,
appreciative audience. Dooley and Edwards are gripping. They are dually metaphorically
inventive and utterly hilarious – their innovations add to the lengths of their storytelling
and some ideas are simply ingenious.”



What the programmers say:

‘If you are looking for a piece to engage, enrich and delight an audience,
look no further. They took the audience on a hilarious heart-warming journey that
quickly became the highlight of the weekend and is still being talked about.’

Beth Burgess, Executive Producer, Brighton Festival.

'We booked Enter The Dragons for a 3 night run at The Old Market and it sold out
very quickly. Enter the Dragons is gem of a show and a real crowd pleaser. Whilst
hugely insightful and frank about the truths of ageing it is also a riot. Dooley and
Edwards are able to connect with men and women alike with their hilarious clowning
and satirical observations. They deliver sincerity and comedy in equal measure and
the result is a real joy to behold.’

Helen Jewell, The Old Market Theatre, Brighton.

What the audience says:


Running time: 60 minutes
Touring Company: 2 performers 1 technical manager
Space requirements: End on. Minimum playing size: 6m width x 5m depth

Audience Profile:

Suitable for anyone considering ageing. Broad appeal to women and men,
but of particular relevance to women age 40-60. Suitable for both comedy
and contemporary theatre audiences. Age guidance 15+. Some nudity. 
Style: Think Mighty Boosh runs the Women’s Institute.